American Energy Alliance Hits the Road

American Energy Express: Fight the National Energy Tax, Save American Jobs

NEW CASTLE, PA — Earlier this morning, the American Energy Alliance (AEA) launched a four week American energy bus tour to build public awareness of what cap-and-trade is, how it works, and the extent to which it’s capable of inflicting serious damage to the American economy. The American Energy Express will travel to industrial and coal producing states, attending county fairs, ball games and other public events to equip concerned citizens with the tools they need to educate themselves on the issue, and make their voices heard as a new phase of the debate takes shape in Washington.

“All throughout the cap-and-trade debate in Congress, proponents have twisted facts and distorted the true costs that necessarily follow from rationing Americans’ energy,” said AEA President Thomas J. Pyle. “That’s why AEA is taking to the road. Americans need to know that cap-and-trade will kill jobs, force our manufacturing base overseas, and significantly harm our already struggling economy. The American Energy Express will provide a critical and missing link between Americans and their elected officials to stop the national energy tax and save American jobs.”

Throughout the tour, the American Energy Express team will chronicle their travels with daily blog posts, videos, photos along with other interactive media at .

Pyle continued, “With critical debates in Congress over the future of the American economy on the horizon, the American people need to know that cap-and-trade, while not mentioned much in the mainstream media these days, is still very much a front burner issue for President Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill. Make no mistake, rationing our energy and forcing the use of expensive, unreliable and intermit forms of energy will send this economy into a tailspin.”

Click HERE to learn more about the tour.

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