Indiana AEA Launches New Waxman-Markey Energy Tax Ad

Listen to the ad here.

ANNOUNCER: After Washington wasted billions bailing out Wall Street and the auto industry, our economy is still hurting.

Unemployment is over 10 percent.

But our leaders in Congress just don’t get it.

These politicians in Washington are pushing a new energy tax that would be the largest in history, costing the average Indiana family over $115 a month.

Some estimates have this tax killing 2.4 million American jobs—nearly 60,000 in Indiana alone.

The Indiana unemployment rate is nearing a 25-year high.

Can we really afford to be hit with higher taxes and more job losses during this recession?

Congress seems to think so.

Call Senator Evan Bayh at 317 554-0750 and tell him Indiana can’t afford the higher energy bills and job losses caused by a new national energy tax.

Read the fact sheet here.

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