Stay Tuned…AEA To Launch New Project to Save U.S. Energy Jobs

Thepublic widely acknowledges that the BP oil spill is a disaster ofstaggering societal and economic proportions. While the accident itselfis tragic, its far reaching impact should not include cutting offaccess to our domestic energy resources. Our energy industry helps fuelalmost every aspect of our lives, from powering our businesses toheating our homes.

Withso much at stake in the future of our country’s energy sector, theAmerican Energy Alliance is ready to act. In the coming days, AEA plansto launch Save U.S. Energy Jobs, a new project aimed at promoting safety in the development of our offshore resources and protecting America’s energy jobs.

Offshoreenergy exploration and production means good job opportunities at home.America’s energy workers include journeymen, rig operators, engineers,environmental and safety specialists, just to name a few. By focusingour efforts on developing better technologies and processes, we canmore safely cultivate our vast national resources while also growingour economy and creating more jobs.

To learn more and get exclusive information on the coming launch, follow Save U.S. Energy Jobs on Twitter and Facebook.

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