Repackaged and Repolished

Repackaged and Repolished

In other words, same whine, new bottle

Washington — The only thing standing in the way of job creation is Washington and we have 4,200 examples to make our case. No, not Solyndra or the Chevy Volt, but rather the amount of regulations coming down the pike that stifle job creation and economic growth.

The Obama administration’s green jobs and crony capitalism is proven a failure. There is nothing fair about how the President ‘invested’ the stimulus money and tried to create green jobs. Friends of Obama, such as Solyndra’s George Kaiser are insulated by risk through government loans and when their business fail, the taxpayer is left holding the bag. Obama’s administration continues to bail out friends in certain politically correct business, while regulating main street to economic poverty.

We warned President Obama two years ago that that his green jobs, and targeted infrastructure-spending plan would cost jobs, not create them. Recent history has proved us right. 

AEA president Thomas Pyle noted, “Washington is standing in the way of creating jobs in America. Just look at energy production in the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska. We could be producing much more domestic energy, but the Obama administration’s policies is making it hard and harder.

One third of the deepwater rigs in the Gulf of Mexico have left for place like Brazil and Egypt, where the governments welcome oil and natural gas production. The Obama administration can’t even decide to allow a pipeline from Canada, despite the fact that we have already have over 50,000 oil pipelines in America today.”

At the end of the day, President Obama wants two sets of rules for American business. For the politically correct business, he wants to subsidize, give special tax breaks and insulate from risk by the federal government loaning them money on favorable terms. For the productive part of America, he punishes with discriminatory taxes and overly burdensome regulations.   

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