AEA Awards Lump of Coal to Anti-Energy Policymakers

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AEA to award “Lump of Coal” to naughty policymakers, politicians, and others who have hindered American energy development

WASHINGTON D.C. — The American Energy Alliance has been keeping a list of the naughty policymakers, politicians, and other professionals who — by their individual and occasionally collective efforts — have slowed American energy development through bad policy and foolish ideas.  Beginning Thursday, December 8, 2011, AEA will award the 2011 “Lump of Coal” awards to a twice-checked list of worthy recipients over the next twelve business days.

“As we looked over our Christmas list this year, we knew that there were some very deserving candidates for the inaugural “Lump of Coal” awards.  Whether by an ideological commitment to unproven and expensive green energy sources, or a basic misunderstanding of the way global energy markets work, the men and women who will receive this year’s awards are uniquely responsible for unnecessarily high energy prices, reduced exploration and development of affordable energy sources, and job losses in the United States,” said AEA President Tom Pyle.

“I suppose if we could figure out how to gift wrap the wind or a ray of sunshine, we would give that to them instead.  As it is, coal is cheap, readily available and the United States has the world’s largest supply.  And in the event the recipients are unable to heat their homes this Christmas season with windmills or solar panels, they will be able to burn their award and stay warm.”

The awards will be announced December 8-23.

The American Energy Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that engages in grassroots public policy advocacy and debate concerning energy and environmental policies.

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