Chesapeake Energy Exec Aubrey McClendon receives “Lump of Coal” Award

WASHINGTON D.C. — In a late decision yesterday evening, the awards committee of the American Energy Alliance accepted a last-minute nomination for the 2011 Lump of Coal Award, which AEA is giving to the enemies of affordable domestic energy. Originally slated to share today’s award were Senators John Kerry (D-Venezuela) and Lindsay Graham (RINO-SC) for their tireless effort to impose the largest tax increase in American history in the form of the cap-and-trade energy tax. New developments, however, prompted AEA to replace the good senators with today’s honoree, Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon.

“Aubrey McClendon just doesn’t get it.  America has more than enough natural gas, coal, and oil to supply our needs for the next few centuries. But rather than work collaboratively with America’s other affordable energy producers to beat back regulations that threaten our energy security and stifle job creation, Aubrey turns cannibal,” noted AEA President Tom Pyle in today’s announcement.

“In 2007, when anti-coal propaganda was surfacing all over Texas, it turned out that Aubrey McClendon was funding it. In recent days, he’s been at it again. An anti-coal ad campaign sponsored by the American Lung Association that features a coughing baby in a dirty carriage has been airing across the country. The money for the ad, of course, came from Aubrey McClendon.

“The EPA and the Obama administration are trying to kill the coal industry, and Aubrey is aiding and abetting them with these senseless campaigns. With friends like him in the energy sector, who needs enemies? It’s time for Aubrey McClendon to stop playing regulatory footsies with Lisa Jackson and realize that the green energy radicals are just as willing to shut down Chesapeake’s shale gas plays as they are coal-fired power plants.

“Regulating clean coal to death should not be Chesapeake’s competitive strategy. And supporting the radical ideologues who want to use the Clean Air Act to shut down America’s carbon-based energy is a game of Russian roulette for Aubrey McClendon. When the EPA starts hitting his pockets and regulating hydraulic fracturing, he won’t be able to find enough Chinese financiers to bail him out that time.

“For his penchant for crony capitalism and his crass violation of the 11th energy commandment — thou shalt not attack thy fellow energy producer — Aubrey McClendon deserves a chunk of Christmas coal. Maybe he will learn to appreciate this vitally important resource as a result.”

The American Energy Alliance previewed the inaugural 2011 “Lump of Coal Awards” for energy stupidity, which will be announced December 8-23, 2011. To learn more about coal’s important place in America’s energy future,click here. To learn the facts about coal production in the United States, click here.


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