AEA Statement on EPA Administrator’s Resignation

WASHINGTON D.C. — American Energy Alliance Senior Vice President Daniel Kish released the following statement on the resignation of EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz, announced earlier today:

“Like a shamed Roman soldier who dishonored Caesar in battle, EPA Administrator Al Armendariz fell on his own sword today, hoping that professional suicide would save the EPA and the Obama White House from more political fallout. But there is no indication that the regulatory crucifixions that Al Armendariz’s proposed will stop, despite damage control efforts being coordinated from the Obama campaign and the White House.

“The loss of one rogue regulator will not change the culture of arbitrary enforcement and politicized rule making that has developed at Lisa Jackson’s EPA. Congress must continue its vigilant oversight efforts to determine how pervasive Administrator Armendariz’s views are at the agency, and how consistently his proposed enforcement strategy has been applied. How many other EPA political appointees hold similar views, but have yet to be caught on tape advocating them so brazenly?

“From discredited studies attacking hydraulic fracturing to phony science behind the agency’s regulatory assault on conventional energy sources, there’s overwhelming evidence that the fish rots from the head. The American people deserve answers, especially given President Obama’s public assurances that his administration would find more ways to ‘skin the cat’ after the failure of his cap-and-trade policies.”


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