AEA Hits GOP Reps for Farm Bill Boondoggle

WASHINGTON D.C. — The American Energy Alliance begins airing this week three radio advertisements exposing the taxpayer-funded giveaways and wasteful energy subsidies included in the House Farm Bill, sponsored by Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.). The ads, which cost $80K to run in South Dakota, Iowa, and Oklahoma, encourage listeners to contact Reps Kristi Noem, Steve King, and Frank Lucas and “tell them that the Farm Bill should help farmers and consumers and not their corporate cronies.”

“The American Energy Alliance is committed to America’s farmers, who rely on affordable energy to produce the food that feeds the world. But the Farm Bill has a long history of supporting expensive taxpayer giveaways that have nothing to do with a stable food supply or commonsense energy policies,” AEA President Thomas Pyle noted.

“Through the years, Republicans and Democrats alike have used this behemoth legislative vehicle to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars into expensive green energy ventures. If Washington politicians were serious about helping farmers, they would enact policies that promote development of affordable energy sources like oil and natural gas that are used to fuel equipment and produce fertilizer. Instead, we get more cronyism and big green boondoggles disguised as as a farm bill.”

To listen to the radio ad that South Dakotans will hear, click here.
To listen to the radio ad that Oklahomans will hear, click here.
To listen to the radio ad that Iowans will hear, click here.

To read AEA’s fact sheet on the radio ads, click here.


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