In the Pipeline: 8/10/12

Tell me again how this Administration favors production from the shale formations. Free Beacon (8/9/12) reports: “The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) in June re-interpreted a 50-year-old rule limiting the amount of time trucks delivering water and sand to drilling sites can stay on-site… The change drew immediate criticism when it was discovered and prompted Rep. Jeff Landry (R., Louis.) to join 63 other congressmen in penning a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood demanding it be rescinded.”


Try to remember that the LCV is nothing more than Greg Mankiw and Arthur Brooks with a bit less refinement.  If you favor a new energy tax, you really oppose economic growth, and, by extension, the working people who would benefit from that growth. Free Beacon (8/6/2012) reports: “The League of Conservation Voters, one of the nation’s most prominent environmental advocacy groups, is dedicating more than $1 million to unseating five House Republicans it accuses of being global warming deniers.”


Well, the Canadians can’t always be wrong. Environmentalism is Fascism reports: “The USA has around 12,000 enviro-non-profit societies, most with only a few paid staff. On the other hand, the USA Green Chamber of Commerce has 35,000 for-profit members and is currently seeking to triple that number (supported by Toyota, Union Bank, etc.)… Green businesspeople know their survival depends on state preferences and on the enviro-zeitgeist. A green business is a movement organization.”


Not all news is bad news. American Products. American Power. (8/9/12) reports: “After the parade, the AEA team sat down with Congresswomen Heather Wilson and Senator Gay Kernan for ice cream and sodas at the Main Street Cafe to cool down. The Honorable Heather Wilson, currently running for U.S. Senate, noted that today it takes 120 days to get permit approval to drill on BLM land in New Mexico, whereas in 2006 businesses only needed 60 days to work through the permitting process. Now more than ever, the bus tour and the American Energy Alliance’s fight to push back against costly regulations and red tape is crucial to reigniting the American economy and maintaining the strength of the local economy in New Mexico.”

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