In the Pipeline: 8/29/12

Ken Green not only killed it, he squashed it like a bug.  Don’t even think about mustering up a rebuttal to this gem. AEI (8/28/12) reports: “So let us, once again, review why a carbon tax is a bad idea: 1) Taxes on carbon are not simply taxes on consumption, they’re a tax on production as well, since energy is a primary input to production (and is a growing share because of increasing automation). Taxing both production and consumption seems like a poor way to stimulate your economy, reduce your costs of production, or make your exports more competitive.”


Waiver requests on the RFS are starting to rattle investors?  The RFS itself has been a disaster for the economy, for fuel efficiency, for the environment.  I’m glad someone is getting rattled. The Hill (8/28/12) reports: “Biofuels groups said Tuesday that political pressure from governors to waive the renewable fuel standard (RFS) this year is starting to strain the industry by sending “instability signals” to investors.”


First off, who wrote this for him?  Second, I guess the world is easy when you are a rich-kid punk.  But consumers actually prefer affordable, reliable energy.  And workers like to have jobs.NYTimes (8/27/12) reports: “ON the northern tip of Delaware County, N.Y., where the Catskill Mountains curl up into little kitten hills, and Ouleout Creek slithers north into the Susquehanna River, there is a farm my parents bought before I was born. My earliest memories there are of skipping stones with my father and drinking unpasteurized milk. There are bald eagles and majestic pines, honeybees and raspberries. My mother even planted a ring of white birch trees around the property for protection.”


It’s actually scary to read this, because it makes you think that someone in the current Administration is trying to undermine American prosperity and security. Governor Sean Parnell (8/24/12) reports: “At this critical juncture, Alaska is prepared to supply our nation with employment as well as a secure source of domestic energy, only to be thwarted repeatedly by federal actions designed to impede our progress. Evidence shows the blame lies not with industry, but with the Obama Administration’s agenda to prevent oil and gas production on federal lands.”

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