In the Pipeline: 8/31/12

This is why my native New York is doomed.  Even the “Republicans” are idiots. WSJ (8/27/12) reports: “Upstate legislators are opposing a plan to build an electricity transmission line from Canada to New York City, claiming the proposal to import lower-cost hydroelectric power would cost New York jobs.”


You would think that Nancy Pelosi would take time out from increasingly ridiculous press conferences to make sure that San Francisco is doing its part to destroy what is left of California. SF Weekly (8/29/12) reports: “Now, more than four years and one mayor later, that program has also done almost nothing to offset greenhouse gas emissions. The fund has reaped in $203,152 from city departments since 2009, plus a $14,000 donation and $1,129 from travelers who purchased carbon offsets from a kiosk at SFO.”


Does anyone really think this crew was going to let Shell explore in the Chukchi?  Seriously? BSEE (8/30/12) reports: “It’s an upside-down world when a company forks over more than $2 billion to the government for the right to explore for energy and it becomes a news story 5 years later when the government allows them to stir up some mud – but not actually drill for oil — on the ocean floor dozens of miles off shore.  Sort of makes one wonder how the process will work for getting the government to allow an operation that will actually cost them something when they run our health care.”


Congressman Pompeo is rarely wrong.  He is not here. Politico(8/29/12) reports: “There’s been a steady drumbeat recently from those seeking an extension of the wind production tax credit. For many reasons, including some that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has carefully highlighted in his opposition, this is a bad idea.”


We won.  You might have missed it in all the mayhem. Politico(8/29/12) reports: “T. Boone Pickens said natural gas vehicles can survive just fine without Congress approving his so-called Pickens Plan.”

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