Let the Wind Production Tax Credit Expire

WASHINGTON D.C. — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle joined the leaders of 63 other organizations to oppose extension of the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), which is schedule to expire at the end of this year.

“Whenever the government protects a particular industry, as it has with wind energy production, the industry tends to remain dependent on it. As Nobel laureate Milton Friedman noted, ‘the infant industry argument is a smoke screen. The so-called infants never grow up.'” The wind PTC, like other green energy incentives, is a prime case in point,” the letter notes.

“The PTC was created in 1992 to get the wind industry off the ground. Yet 20 years later, we have little to show for it. We’re still providing a $5 billion special tax break each year for an industry that supplies just over 2 percent of our power.”

To read the entire letter, click here.

*Since September 6th, 24 more organizations have signed the letter. Below is an updated list of organizations who have signed on.


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