Where Does Senator Udall Stand?

WASHINGTON – The American Energy Alliance continued its energy policy accountability efforts today with a television ad urging Senator Mark Udall to reverse his stance against the Keystone XL pipeline. Sen. Udall has now voted against the construction of the pipeline multiple times. The ad buy is for $405,450 and will run until May 23rd in Denver and Colorado Springs. AEA President Thomas Pyle released the following statement:

“Senator Udall’s refusal to support Keystone XL is far outside the mainstream. The approval of this commonsense infrastructure project is five years overdue, delaying thousands of jobs and straining our relationship with Canada, America’s strongest energy ally. Coloradans recognize this, which is why two-thirds of them support the pipeline. Despite this overwhelming support from his constituents, Senator Udall remains beholden to a narrow band of special interests in opposition to this commonsense, job-creating, shovel ready project.

“Will Senator Udall continue to stand with special interests that promote an anti-energy agenda, or will he support policies that better the lives of Coloradans and the American people by supporting the Keystone pipeline?”

To watch the ad, click here.

To read the fact sheet for the ad, click here.

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