Washington State Carbon Tax Vote is a Momentous Victory

WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle released the following statement on the failure of Initiative 732 in Washington State. If passed, this ballot measure would have implemented a carbon tax.

“This is a momentous victory for the people of Washington State. The results show that even in a blue state that elected Governor Jay Inslee, Washingtonians have no appetite for a harmful carbon tax. It signals to lawmakers and carbon tax advocates across the country that when put to a referendum, Americans reject higher energy taxes.

“A carbon tax is a regressive tax on the American way of life. Implementing such a policy would not only raise gasoline prices, but would also raise the cost of living for American families. Low-income families would be hit the hardest, leaving them with less money to spend on other necessities like proper healthcare and education.

“The failure of I-732 should put to rest the talk of a revenue-neutral carbon tax bargain. Even environmental groups couldn’t get in line to support this ballot measure because they didn’t want to give the money back through tax cuts. Instead, they would rather spend it on growing government. For the greens, a carbon tax isn’t about the environment—it’s about the greenbacks.”


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