Key Vote: YES on Rep. Davidson’s Amendment #388 to Focus Dept. of Defense Resources on National Security

The U.S. government has no duty more paramount than ensuring our national security. Unconscionably, Executive Order 13693—like its recently repealed counterpart 13653—jeopardized that imperative by diverting the Armed Forces’ scarce resources toward goals falling far outside their missions. By prioritizing carbon dioxide emissions targets, fleet requirements for low and zero emission vehicles, and aid for local governments to “go green” Executive Order 13693 takes capacity away from our defense capabilities.

Representative Warren Davidson’s amendment #388 to H. R. 2810, the National Defense Authorization Act, would prevent the Department of Defense from continuing to implement the Executive Order in question.

The insertion of ideological and politically-drive considerations into the operations of the Department of Defense dilutes the efforts of our brave men and women in uniform by placing irrelevant concerns on par with the critical security matters that they must weigh. By blocking the implementation of this pernicious Executive Order, Rep. Davidson’s amendment will redirect both material resources and human capital back toward the Armed Forces’ sacred mission of safeguarding our liberty.

The American Energy Alliance strongly supports and urges all members to vote YES on Rep. Davidson’s amendment #388 to H. R. 2810.

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