AEA Surveys

The American Energy Alliance has conducted and sponsored a number of surveys in recent years to reveal public sentiment on key energy issues.

Survey Title and LinkRelease Date
Voters Don’t Want to Pay for Biden’s Global Warming AgendaApril 2021
American Voters Concerned about Economy, Not ClimateMay 2020
Voters to Congress: Make a U-Turn on Special Vehicle PreferencesOctober 2019
New Survey Results Find Voters (Still) Don’t Favor EV Subsidies May 2019
New Survey Finds Voters Skeptical of Government Action on Climate Change March 2019
New Survey: Voters (Still) Find Vehicle Subsidies “Unfair”June 2018
IER-ACU Foundation Energy & Environment SurveyOctober 2017
Survey: Americans Don’t Want to Pay for Neighbor’s EVSeptember 2015
Americans Skeptical of Federal Energy DictatesSeptember 2014
IER Survey Finds Broad-Based Opposition to Carbon TaxJune 2013
IER Survey: Government Transparency Demanded By TaxpayersMay 2013
Carbon Tax SurveyDecember 2012
IER National SurveySeptember 2008

If you are looking for a specific survey sponsored by AEA and don’t see it on this list contact AEA’s press office ([email protected]) for assistance.

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