As the House considers the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2017, two amendments look to ensure national defense funds are actually spent on critical defense activities, not the administration’s climate agenda. The American Energy Alliance urges all Members to vote YES on the Fleming climate change amendment and the Buck alternative energy amendment.

Rep. Fleming’s amendment will block the Department of Defense (DoD) from obligating funds to be used to carry out two executive orders that direct agencies to implement a host of policies under the guise of preventing climate change. For the Department of Defense, this means increased costs, further complication of the acquisition process, and additional burdens in logistics, planning, and execution of critical missions. Ultimately, these executive orders detract from the DoD’s ability to protect our country by introducing even more unnecessary bureaucracy to the Pentagon. Rep. Fleming’s amendment allows DoD to continue to protect Americans by using the most efficient and capable means necessary. This means allowing our military to use the most reliable and cost effective energy resources—a priority for the world’s largest single energy consumer.

Rep. Buck’s amendment focuses on the the use of alternative fuels in the military and requires DoD to consider the total cost of using alternative energy over conventional fuels.This means not only the face value of the alternative fuel, but also any subsidies or tax credits and additional operational and maintenance costs. Rep. Buck’s amendment is simple common sense: the military should justify its acquisitions on cost effectiveness, not on any sort of policy agenda. If DoD wants to purchase and use alternative fuels, then they should be for tactical, strategic, economic, and logistical reasons.

Both amendments allow the military to continue to operate at its highest capabilities and ensure that American servicemen and women are sufficiently equipped to carry out their missions. The military is the largest energy consumer in the world, and ensuring reliable and effective sources meet their needs is paramount. We applaud Rep. Fleming and Buck for offering their amendments and urge all Members vote YES.