Help Stop The Green New Deal

The proposals in the Green New Deal are so absurd they would be comical, if not for the existential danger they pose to the American way of life. By outlawing fossil fuels over the next ten years the proposal seeks to radically change society by dismantling the systems that made America great and imposing a socialist dystopia. Sign the petition demanding lawmakers reject the Green New Deal!

Learn why the Green New Deal would be a raw deal for American families.

There’s nothing funny about plans to make the electric grid rely on 100% renewable sources. 

The only thing comedic about a tax on carbon emissions is the idea it would help the next generation.

The Apollo Program spent $30 billion to put people on the moon, the Green New Deal would spend $93 trillion to put people in poverty.

Free markets make luxuries into necessities, but the Green New Deal would turn necessities into luxuries.

The paradox of “clean transportation” isn’t the only contradiction in the Green New Deal.

Supporters want endless money to pay for the Green New Deal, but American families will still be expected to pay their bills on a budget.