The Senate is set to consider two Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions that disapprove of President Obama’s regulation of carbon dioxide from power plants. S.J. Res. 23, targeting regulations for new power plants, and S.J. Res. 24, targeting regulations for existing power plants, will spearhead Congressional action against these harmful regulations. The American Energy Alliance urges all Senators to vote in favor of these CRA resolutions.

Obama’s carbon dioxide regulations for both new and existing power plants will cause significant harm by eliminating thousands of jobs and raising electricity prices across the country. These regulations will unduly harm minorities and the poor, who spend a greater percentage of their income on utility bills. Further, Obama’s carbon dioxide regulations are so expensive that the regulations could result in thousands of premature deaths, as people are forced to spend more on energy and have less money to protect their health. These regulations are supposed to be about climate change, but the benefits come nowhere close to the outrageous costs: using the EPA’s own climate model, the rules will change global temperatures by a mere 0.02 degrees Celsius.

The CRA allows Congress to review and vote to disapprove what are considered “major” rules. A rule is considered a major rule if:

1). it is projected to have an annual economic effect of $100 million or more;

2). it would cause a major increase in costs or prices for consumers, industries, government agencies, or specific geographic regions; or

3). it could result in lost jobs, harm competition (both domestically and abroad), and/or deter investment, or productivity.

If the CRA is successful, Congress will strike a significant blow to Obama’s anti-energy regulatory agenda by sending a strong message that Congress disagrees with Obama’s carbon dioxide regulations. Further, it will show the world, ahead of the Paris climate summit, that America’s co-equal branch of government does not support the President’s unilateral climate agenda and should not count on the U.S.’s financial support toward its ends.

The American Energy Alliance strongly urges all Senators to vote YES on both S.J. Res. 23 and S.J. Res. 24. YES is the pro-taxpayer, pro-energy, and pro-consumer vote.