Sign the petition and tell the EPA you won’t stand for expensive energy!

The Obama administration is pushing a rule to regulate carbon dioxide from power plants—the very gas you and I exhale. This will result in the closure of power plants—in as many as 37 states—leading to possible double-digit increases in your electricity bill. We have to let the Obama administration know it is unacceptable.  We will not stay silent as Obama’s EPA comes between us and the reliable, affordable power we use everyday.

Your letter to the EPA:

President Obama said that while he was not up for election, his policies were. The American people overwhelmingly rejected his policies in the recent election.

One of those policies is EPA’s so-called “Clean Power Plan.” EPA should stop this regulation today.

This regulation is designed to drive up the cost of electricity by forcing our most affordable, reliable power plants to close. A recent study estimates the rule will cost $366 billion in total, triggering double-digit increases in most Americans’ power bills.

EPA claims the goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions thereby reducing climate change, but this claim is disingenuous.

If the real goal of the rule is to reduce climate change, then the rule would have a measurable impact on the climate. But according to EPA’s own MAGICC climate model this rule would reduce global temperature by 0.02°C by 2100! In exchange for this, EPA’s regulation will close enough power plants to reliably keep the lights on for 44 million homes.

This is exactly what the American people voted against. EPA should withdraw this regulation. This is supposed to be about climate, but there are no climate benefits and the costs are staggering.