Daniel Ziegler

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Dan Ziegler is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the American Energy Alliance. In this role he manages outreach to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and the advocacy efforts of the organization. He has nearly a decade of experience advocating for free market energy policy in both the public and private sector. He spent several years working as a senior staffer on Capitol Hill serving a member of the House Natural Resources Committee. Previously, Ziegler spent several formative years at The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America handling government relations. He began his career in the George W. Bush administration as an intern in Vice President Cheney’s office and then as a political appointee at the Department of the Interior. Originally, from the Buckeye State, Ziegler graduated from Malone College in Canton, Ohio.

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It’s Time To Reclaim The Planet From Environmentalists

  • 03/30/15
  • Daniel Ziegler
  • Emissions Standards