Manufactured Myths: No Substitute for Real Energy Policy

AEA Urges Lawmakers to Focus on American Energy Access

WASHINTON,DC— Inanticipation of tomorrow’s Congressionalhearingson the status of new American energy development, AmericanEnergy Alliance(AEA) Director of Federal Affairs Kevin Kennedy highlighted the extensiveshort-term and long-term economic benefits Americans stand to gain if Congressallows more access to domestic energy exploration and production:

“Ifthese hearings bring forth the truth about how new access to taxpayer-ownedresources relates to new jobs, more revenue, and greater security,they’ll be a worthwhile enterprise.  If they devolve into somethingelse—more fiction than fact—it’ll be an opportunity lost forAmerica’s taxpayers and energy consumers alike.

“Atruly ‘sustainable’ energy policy is one that provides good jobs,decent wages and, most important: new American energy.  Efforts to suggestotherwise – like the recurring 68million acremythnot only miss that importantpoint, they intentionally try to obfuscate it.”

NOTE:In a letterAsst. Sec. Stephen Allred sent last year, the Interior Department formallydebunked the notion that American energy producers were sitting on 68 millionleased but unused acres for the purpose of distorting the energy market.

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TheAmerican Energy Alliance (AEA) is a not-for-profit organization that engages inpublic policy advocacy and debate surrounding the function, operation, and governmentregulation of global energy markets.  AEA, an independent affiliate of the Institute forEnergy Research, works to educate and mobilize citizens around the idea thatfreely-functioning energy markets provide the most efficient and effectivesolutions to today’s global energy and environmental challenges.


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