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America is blessed with abundant and affordable energy resources, and we need to increase energy production to grow our economy and create more jobs. Unnecessary red tape, inefficient permitting processes and lack of access to federal lands have made American energy production more expensive for consumers and businesses, especially on federal lands and waters.  In fact, the Congressional Research Service reported that 96% of the increase in U.S. oil production since 2007 has come from non-federal lands.  And this should be no surprise, since less than 3% of federal lands are even leased for energy production.

The government needs to get out of the way, and while not perfect, this bill is a good place to start. Some of the language in the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act focuses too much on federal planning and merely delays the implementation of regulations instead of eliminating them.  Nonetheless, it is an important step in the right direction as it would increase energy supply and create good paying American jobs.

In places like North Dakota, energy production is booming on state and private lands helping to substantially reduce unemployment and increase revenue for the state’s budget. By opening more federal lands to energy development, streamlining permitting processes and making the EPA study the impacts of its regulations, Americans in all fifty states will be able to enjoy the benefits of more energy production and a stronger economy.

The regulatory process for energy production on federal lands does not resemble a sensible cost-benefit approach. It lacks certainty, transparency, and is mired in bureaucratic red tape. The EPA, for example, is on a destructive path that is making it impossible for energy developers and manufacturers to continue to operate in the United States. This measure will require the EPA to do its job and study the costs and benefits of regulations and – more importantly – report the results to the American public before they are imposed.

Technology and free markets have been the driving forces behind our ability to develop resources in ways that are safe for the environment and that benefit the American people. The Domestic Energy and Jobs Act will help unleash the collective energy of our businesses and natural resources, breathing life back into the economy and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Please follow this link to contact your Congressman and pledge your support for H.R. 4480, the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act.

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