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Do we really need more regulations?

Ozone levels have dramatically fallen since the 1970s. Now it is time to reassess whether the costs of further reductions justify the projected benefits. Under the current Clean Air Act, EPA has determined that it is necessary to push more stringent requirements every five years. This is no longer realistic given current technology and the sources of pollution. The United States has the opportunity to improve our economy, but economically burdensome regulations like more stringent ozone restrictions threaten this opportunity.

By EPA’s own conservative estimates, their recently finalized ozone rule will be the single costliest regulation in U.S. history. Meanwhile, our air is cleaner than it’s been in decades. Instead of celebrating that progress, EPA insists on trying to squeeze water out of a rock.

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Ozone Bill Grants Much Needed Relief from Regulation

  • 04/14/16
  • AEA
  • Ozone Rule
In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized new National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground level ozone. This regulation is slated to be one of the most expensive in history, affecting nearly all aspects of the economy. However, the potential benefits come nowhere close to justifying the astronomical costs. Fortunately, H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation...
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Black Leaders Fight Obama’s Ozone Rule

  • 09/14/15
  • AEA
  • Ozone Rule
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is facing opposition from minority groups as it prepares to finalize costly new ozone regulations, according to a recent article in Politico. Black elected leaders at both state and local levels have come together to push back against the new ozone rule, stating it will disproportionately harm poor and minority...
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Conflict of Interest: EPA’s Ozone Rule vs. the CPP

  • 06/10/15
  • Alex Fitzsimmons
  • Ozone Rule
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pursuing an aggressive regulatory agenda so sprawling that at least two of its major regulations seem to conflict with one another, undermining the agency’s stated goals. EPA has proposed severe reductions in ground-level ozone levels, but complying with that rule could hamper states’ ability to comply with the EPA’s...
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