PYLE: It’s time for the Wind PTC to end

Thomas Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, appeared on Money with Melissa Francis on FOX Business yesterday to discuss the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the recent ouster of Exelon from the American Wind Energy Association.

“I think they’re right in making the case that it’s time for this production tax credit to end. What has become, really, is just a boondoggle for the wind industry. We’re talking about an industry that has been getting this credit now for twenty years and now what’s happening is they’re literally distorting the markets that they’re in by negative pricing. In other words they’re paying for their energy to come onto the grid because they know they can get the money back through the tax credit.”

Watch the full video segment below, and read Thomas Pyle’s recent op-ed on the PTC here.



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