In the Pipeline: 5/14/13

See if you can figure out what the following have in common: the IRS targeting political enemies; the Benghazi cover up; tapping the AP’s phones; EPA’s unwillingness to respond to the simplest of requests. That’s right – they are all symptomatic of a closed, paranoid, and corrupt regime. PoliticoPro (5/13/13) reports: “The Environmental Defense Action Fund is starting a TV ad campaign tomorrow or Wednesday to spur Senate approval of Gina McCarthy’s bid to head EPA and chastise Republicans for stalling a committee vote. The 30-second ad quotes business leaders praising McCarthy and notes that Mitt Romney had named her to an environmental post when he was Massachusetts governor. “So why are Republicans in Congress trying to block this highly qualified woman?” the ad asks. ‘Stop playing politics. Confirm Gina.’”

Some people on the right are asking why the government is out to get them, while others on the left are wondering why the government isn’t doing enough to stop them. All we have to say at this time: “Who is John Galt?”. Huffington Post (5/13/13) reports: “But who is Thomas Pyle and what is the American Energy Alliance?”


The Governor knows what the right thing to do is. We remain optimistic, mostly because optimism is free. Real Vail (5/11/13) reports: “Democrats on Thursday told the Denver Post they don’t expect Gov. John Hickenlooper to veto any of the bills currently awaiting his signature, including SB 252. But many Republicans – and a majority of the state’s rural electric associations (REAs) want him to kill the bill, co-sponsored by Sen. Gail Schwartz, D-Snowmass, and Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs… On Thursday, Hickenlooper spokesman Eric Brown told Real Vail that the governor is “still reviewing the legislation” and has not made a decision on whether to sign it into law for veto it. However, he added that the governor must act by June 7.”

As writers and producers begin working on Ironman 4, early reports indicate that Senator James Inhofe will get the nod to replace Robert Downey Jr. Investor’s Business Daily (5/10/13) reports: “To accomplish this, I am introducing the Iran Sanctions Implementation Act of 2013.  The bill requires the president to designate portions of the federal land estate as “Iranian Oil Replacement Zones” so that production on federal lands will increase by 1.25 million barrels of oil per day, enough oil to fully offset current Iranian exports… Significant oil reserves, to the magnitude of tens of billions of barrels, are locked away on federal lands in the Mountain West, Alaska and offshore. The Institute for Energy Research estimates that if we aggressively pursue these resources, $14.4 trillion in economic activity will be generated, 2.5 million jobs will be created and the federal deficit will be reduced by $2.7 trillion.”

There is no longer rule of law in this country. There is only the imposition of rules that apply unevenly to different entities and individuals. LA Times (5/10/13) reports: “Federal wildlife officials took the unprecedented step Friday of telling private companies that they will not be prosecuted for inadvertently harassing or even killing endangered California condors… In a decision swiftly condemned by conservationists and wildlife advocates, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said operators of Terra-Gen Power’s wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains will not be prosecuted if their turbines accidentally kill a condor during the expected 30-year life span of the project.”

At least there’s still hope for the California condor. Condor Wind Energy specializes in two bladed technology, we assume to cut down on the killing of this endangered species by 33%.


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