Free Market Coalition Calls for End to Wind PTC

WASHINGTON — The American Energy Alliance has joined 23 other free-market organizations in a letter to Congress urging members to oppose the extension of the wind production tax credit (PTC). The letter states:

“On behalf of the millions of members that our organizations represent, we encourage you to oppose extending the main source of federal support for wind energy, the production tax credit (PTC). The problems with bestowing government favors on wind energy are myriad—it doesn’t produce cheaper energy, it threatens electrical grid reliability, it’s inefficient, it’s unprincipled tax policy, to name a few—and it’s time to end this misguided handout.

“Proposals to phase out the credit over time are a red herring. A phaseout is still an extension, and it does not address any of the problems that arise from government backing for wind energy. Besides, the PTC in its current form already has a phaseout built in: Wind farm projects may claim the tax credit for 10 years following receiving an investment letter.”

To read the full letter, click here.


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