AEA Statement on Election Results

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on last night’s election results:

“This election was a referendum on the policies of President Obama and his allies in Congress. This includes their policies that are designed to make energy more expensive for Americans.

“In states where energy is a key issue like Colorado, West Virginia, Alaska, and North Carolina, our initiatives have been aimed at holding lawmakers accountable for their anti-energy policies such as support for a carbon tax or opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. And despite the tens of millions of dollars poured into these states to elect anti-energy candidates, the American people agree with us: they are fed up with Washington’s attack on affordable and reliable energy.

“While much of the focus has been on the Senate, it’s important to note the significant victories for common sense in many of the gubernatorial races. The Obama administration’s climate agenda is aimed at stripping states of their rights and establishing control over the economy from Washington, and many of these governors will be on the front lines fighting back. For starters, governors need to stand up against EPA’s carbon dioxide mandates, which are just another way for Washington to boss the states around, control our energy resources, and make electricity prices skyrocket for Americans.

“Make no mistake, we still face an uphill battle in the fight for free markets and commonsense energy policies. And it is those policies that will lead to abundant, affordable, and reliable energy for American families. Last night’s election is by no means the solution, but it is a step in the right direction towards meaningful change. It is up to the newly elected officials across the country to live up to their promises and answer the American people’s call for change. Rest assured, regardless of party, it is our mission to hold our lawmakers accountable.”


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