To Rein in Obama’s Climate Agenda, Speaker Boehner Should Oppose PTC

Speaker of the House John Boehner issued the following statement today on President Obama’s climate deal with China:

“This announcement is yet another sign that the president intends to double down on his job-crushing policies no matter how devastating the impact for America’s heartland and the country as a whole. And it is the latest example of the president’s crusade against affordable, reliable energy that is already hurting jobs and squeezing middle-class families. Republicans have consistently passed legislation to rein in the EPA and stop these harmful policies from taking effect, and we will continue to make this a priority in the new Congress.”

We welcome and agree with the Speaker’s statement.  The “deal” with China is a sham and a fraud—requiring nothing on behalf of China and taking credit for environmental improvements that American businesses and American individuals have already made.  We encourage the Speaker to make sure that his comments apply to those policies like extending the wind production tax credit (PTC).  If the Speaker is serious—and we are confident that he is—the easiest thing he can do to protect American families and businesses from the president’s plan to takeover the electricity system and drive costs up for Americans is to prevent extension of the wind PTC.

It’s pretty simple.  A vote to extend the wind production tax credit is a vote for the President’s plan.


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