AEA Releases Congressional Energy Scores

New Platform Ranks Members on Support for Free Market Policies 

WASHINGTON – Today, the American Energy Alliance launched a new interactive website for the American Energy Scorecard—the first and only free-market energy legislative scorecard. This new interactive platform educates lawmakers about the most important energy votes in each Congressional session and empowers the American people to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.

The website catalogues key energy votes and co-sponsorships, displays overall scores, and ranks members based on their support for free market policies. These policies give consumers, not Washington, more control over their energy choices and keeps energy affordable and reliable. For example, AEA is encouraging lawmakers to endorse measures that would end market-distorting policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard and the wind Production Tax Credit.

“This scorecard allows the public to see, in real time, whether the votes their elected leaders cast match their rhetoric. It is integral to our efforts to hold lawmakers accountable,” said AEA President Tom Pyle.

“We’re devoted to educating the American people and lawmakers about the benefits of pro-growth and free-market energy policies.”

Click here to view the American Energy Scorecard.


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