Six Things Every American Should Really Know About EPA’s Carbon Agenda

Last week, AEA President Thomas Pyle responded to a Medium post by EPA Chief Gina McCarthy with his own six reasons as to why states and the American people should be wary of entrusting EPA with their energy futures. Below is an excerpt from the piece:

McCarthy claims her plan “will save us billions of dollars every year.” This is just plain wrong. This plan will cause existing coal-fired power plants to shutter. The most cost-effective new source of electricity generation is combined cycle natural gas, electricity from which is twice as expensive as electricity from existing coal plants. New wind, meanwhile, is three times as expensive as existing coal and new solar is even more expensive. You can’t save Americans’ money when you make wholesale electricity generation more than twice as expensive. It just doesn’t work.


The EPA’s carbon rule has no impact on climate change but inflicts severe burdens on American families. Fortunately, states have the power to defeat this regulation by refusing to submit plans to the EPA. To learn more about how states are fighting to protect their citizens, visit

Click here to read the rest of Pyle’s post.

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