AEA Urges Congress to End Wind Welfare

WASHINGTON — Today, the American Energy Alliance launched a six-figure advocacy initiative urging Congress to eliminate the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC). This targeted digital and grassroots initiative follows AEA’s recently launched PTC Action Hub, and continues a sustained effort to drive House Members to support H.R. 1901, the PTC Elimination Act. Fifty House Members currently support this legislation, while 86 have publicly opposed the PTC.

“Congress has an opportunity to step up and end a handout that has bilked American taxpayers for decades,” said AEA President Thomas Pyle.

“We applaud Congressmen Marchant and Pompeo for introducing legislation to eliminate the PTC and encourage other members to support their efforts. The PTC benefits large wind corporations and bankrolls President Obama’s federal takeover of the electric grid—leaving the American people with the bill. Congress can protect their constituents from wasteful handouts and the Obama administration’s climate agenda by opposing the PTC.”

The targeted digital effort will focus on the following 23 districts:

Rep. Young (IN-9th)
Rep. Buchanan (FL-16th)
Rep. Adrian Smith (NE-3rd)
Rep. Boustany (LA-3rd)
Rep. Renacci (OH-16th)
Rep. Smith (MO-8th)
Rep. Ellmers (NC-2nd)
Rep. Brooks (IN-5th)
Rep. Johnson (OH-6th)
Rep. Latta (OH-5th)
Rep. Long (MO-7th)
Rep. Roby (AL-2nd)
Rep. Rogers (AL-3rd)
Rep. Womack (AR-3rd)
Rep. Crawford (AR-1st)
Rep. Jolly (FL-13th)
Rep. Wagner (MO-2nd)
Rep. Rice (SC-7th)
Rep. Hurt (VA-5th)
Rep. Abraham (LA-5th)
Rep. Murphy (FL-18th)
Rep. Ashford (NE-2nd)
Rep. Kirkpatrick (AZ-1st)

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Click here to see which representatives are taking a stand to end corporate welfare.

Click here for more information on H.R. 1901, The PTC Elimination Act.


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