EPA Playing Politics With Carbon Regulation

WASHINGTON — American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement after EPA published its carbon regulation for existing power plants in the Federal Register:

“EPA once again reveals that its motives are purely political. The agency delayed publication of its carbon regulation for nearly three months to stall the legal process and avoid any embarrassing PR before the UN Climate Conference. The president’s climate regulation has never been about protecting the environment. It’s about fulfilling his promise to fundamentally transform America at the expense of poor and middle class families who will be hit with higher energy costs and lower living standards.

“Administrator McCarthy’s claim that EPA is giving states options, time, and flexibility to handle this regulation is a farce. In reality, EPA is trying to bully states into doing their dirty work for them. State leaders have an obligation to protect their citizens and should do so by refusing to implement Obama’s unlawful carbon regulation before the courts weigh in.”

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