Obama’s Climate Legacy Being Built on the Backs of Struggling American Families

WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on President Obama’s decision to veto Congressional resolutions aimed at blocking EPA’s carbon regulations:

“President Obama’s decision to pocket veto these resolutions shows that he cares more about cementing his climate legacy than he does about the will and welfare of the American people. Americans will pay a high price for the president’s legacy, as these regulations will kill jobs and raise energy prices—hurting poor and middle class families the most. Despite these burdens, the carbon regulations will deliver virtually no climate benefits.

“The president understands that the American people don’t support his agenda, or else he would’ve openly vetoed these resolutions instead of allowing them to be pocket vetoed the weekend before Christmas. This administration is clearly willing to pursue their out-of-control agenda no matter the cost, which is why it is crucial that state leaders take the actions necessary to protect their citizens from this federal overreach.”


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