Arkansas Agencies Stop Work on EPA’s Carbon Rule

WASHINGTON – Today, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and the Public Service Commission declared that they would not implement a state plan to comply with EPA’s carbon rule during the Supreme Court’s stay. American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“The Arkansas DEQ and PSC’s decision to stop work on the carbon rule is a great victory for Arkansas families who would suffer under this regulation. With the Obama administration and the national environmental lobby pressuring states to continue work on the carbon rule, the agencies’ decision sends an important signal to utilities that they should halt their efforts to pass the costs of this rule on to Arkansans. States should avoid wasting resources on this unlawful rule and instead focus on ensuring their citizens have access to affordable, reliable energy.”

Following the Supreme Court’s stay of the rule, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy stated, “Nothing is going to be implemented while the stay is in place. It is clearly on hold until it resolves itself through the courts.”

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