Obama’s Offshore Ban is a Disservice to the American People​

​WASHINGTON – American Energy Alliance Vice President of Communications Chris Warren issued the following statement on President Obama’s unilateral ban of offshore leasing for oil and gas production:

“President Obama is doing a great disservice to this country by putting the demands of special interest activists above the interests of the American people. These offshore areas belong to the public and should be used to their benefit—not to further the president’s keep-it-in-the-ground political agenda. President Obama has worked unilaterally throughout his presidency to block the production of our most abundant, affordable, and reliable energy resources. He clearly doesn’t trust ​nor want the ​American​ people to use their own lands judiciously. This is yet another shameful act by the president in the waning days of his administration. We look forward to the Trump administration’s pro-growth and pro-consumer approach.”​​


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