With Zinke Finally Confirmed, Let’s Get to Work Unleashing America’s Potential

WASHINGTON – The American Energy Alliance (AEA) congratulates Ryan Zinke on being confirmed as the next Secretary of the Interior. AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“I am confident that Secretary Zinke will follow through on President Trump’s campaign promises to put America’s onshore and offshore energy resources back in the game. We are an energy-rich nation with some of the greatest natural gas, oil, and coal resources in the world—much of which are located on federal lands. In recent years, leaders at the Interior Department have disregarded the multiple-use concept for federal lands and have been outright antagonistic toward oil, gas, and coal leasing. By opening more areas for energy exploration, President Trump and Secretary Zinke have a great opportunity to deliver more jobs, higher wages, and much-needed economic growth to the American people. We look forward to the administration seizing that opportunity.”

“ICYMI: Trump Cites IER Study in Speech on Energy,” by the Institute for Energy Research

“The Economic Effects of Immediately Opening Federal Lands to Oil, Gas, and Coal Leasing,” by Dr. Joseph Mason

“Trump’s Interior Dept. Has Opportunity to Turn Around Dismal Leasing Policies,” by the Institute for Energy Research


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