AEA Launches

WASHINGTON – Today the American Energy Alliance (AEA) launched a new initiative urging President Trump to keep his promise to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. The initiative, hosted at, asks citizens to voice their concerns to the president by signing a petition demanding America withdrawal from the U.N. climate deal. American Energy Alliance President and former Trump DOE transition team leader Thomas Pyle has issued the following statement:

“Remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement would be an ‘America last’ approach—quite the opposite of what Donald Trump promised during his bid for the presidency. We urge President Trump to protect American families and businesses from unnecessary and burdensome climate regulations by withdrawing from the Paris deal.

“President Trump’s energy vision is to give American companies more freedom to explore and develop our vast natural resources, deliver lower cost electricity to American families, and remove the regulatory straightjacket that has hamstrung businesses both large and small. The Paris Climate Agreement would make that all more difficult by handing control of our energy destiny to foreign bureaucrats and their demands for increasingly stringent emissions limits and massive taxpayer handouts to pay for ‘green energy’ ventures in developing countries.

“President Trump has promised to represent the best interests of the American people; those interests entail a withdrawal of the United States from the pact signed onto by the previous administration.”

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