AEA to President Trump: “Reject Big Ethanol’s Call for a Special Deal”

WASHINGTON – Today, President Trump urged the EPA to waive seasonal restrictions on E15 fuel thus allowing for year-round sales. AEA President Thomas J. Pyle made the following statement:

“We are disappointed that Big Ethanol has convinced President Trump to request the EPA to overstep its authority and extend a waiver for year-round E15 sales, something not within EPA’s power to even grant and will assuredly be challenged in court. EPA is given no statutory authority to grant RVP waivers beyond levels set by Congress. The specification in the Clean Air Act 42 U.S.C. 7545 (h)(4) only allows a waiver for up to E10 gas and cannot extend to E15 gas without clearly violating the law.”

“President Trump should reject the corn lobby’s special deal and instead urge Congress to find a comprehensive solution to the renewable fuels mandate that addresses RVP waivers and sunsets this program once and for all. The mandate is a fundamentally unnecessary policy of yesteryear that is only alive today because of presidential politics.”


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