Welcome to 2019 and the 116th Congress

All eyes are on Congress this week as a new class of legislators is sworn in and Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. At this crucial time, AEA is ready to advocate for free market energy policies and to protect the American people from threats of increased energy prices.

House Democrats have made it clear they will make energy policies a focus through a new select committee and proposals in line with a “Green New Deal.” Unfortunately, what this translates to for American families is expensive government subsidies and mandates, as well as ever-increasing energy prices that Americans can’t afford. House Democrats have made it clear that they are happy to raise energy costs just to virtue signal their “action” on climate change.

Proponents of “Green New Deal”-type legislation might claim future costs of climate change, but they never talk about the current costs of their policies. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and California Rep. Ro Khanna have even opted to vote against a provision, “PAYGO”, which is supposed to force Congress to find financing for expenditures with available funds. This goes to show just how costly their climate policies would be, and that is even before the higher energy costs kick in.

But not all threats will come from Democrats. Several Republicans have suggested they will propose carbon tax legislation in the 116th Congress even though the idea has repeatedly been a nonstarter when put to a vote. A carbon tax could inflict at least a $3.7 to $5.9 trillion hit to our economy in the near term, and would put significant financial strain on the states as well. It is a bad idea that AEA will stand against no matter the form it takes.

2019 will be an important year to stay up-to-date with the American Energy Scorecard as AEA will be regularly scoring Congress on their votes relating to energy and environment policy. We will hold Congress accountable for their votes in Washington that will have direct and indirect impacts on their constituents.

While Congress will keep us busy, there are still needed reforms in executive agencies as well. Former Secretary Zinke’s successor at the Department of the Interior ought to continue the work Zinke started in streamlining NEPA and opening federal lands and waters to energy development. Both reforms would strengthen American energy independence and lower energy prices for Americans. Further, it’s time to allow for the construction of critical energy infrastructure and we hope progress is made to that end this year.

We look forward to the adoption and implementation of rules from the EPA to reform CAFE mandates, the Clean Power Plan, and more.

2019 will be another busy year in Washington D.C. and AEA is here to enable Americans, not Washington bureaucrats, to make their own energy choices. We look forward to engaging and mobilizing our 100,00+ grassroots advocates to advance market-oriented energy and environmental policies and advocate for the elimination of subsidies, mandates, and special interest giveaways that lead to higher energy costs.

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