California High Speed Rail: False Promises, Empty Wallets

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the intent of the Federal Railroad Administration to cancel the $929 million in taxpayer funds paid to the California High Speed Rail project and their exploration of options to reclaim the $2.5 billion previously granted. In response, AEA President Thomas Pyle made the following statement: 

“The Trump administration and Secretary Elaine Chao are right to stop federal funding for the green boondoggle that was the California High Speed Rail project. Not one additional red cent of federal taxpayer money should go towards this liberal pipe dream. 

“If the greens can’t get high speed rail off the ground in liberal California, it is folly to think that the Green New Dealers can make it work anywhere else. The reality is, expensive and irresponsible green pork, like the failed California train to nowhere, won’t benefit average Americans and should be seen for what they really are: false promises and empty wallets.”

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