AEA Supports Interior’s Reasoned Well Control Rule

WASHINGTON – Today the Department of the Interior released the final Well Control Rule from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement with implications for well operations on the Outer Continental Shelf. The revisions to the original Well Control Rule are intended to make operations safer and smarter while removing unnecessary regulatory burdens.

In response, AEA president Thomas Pyle made the following statement:

“American ingenuity and technological advancement has led the way in unlocking U.S. natural resources both onshore and offshore and has turned the U.S. into a world leader in energy production. This achievement has benefited our nation greatly, leading to cheaper energy prices for American families and enabling our way of life. President Obama used the Deepwater Horizon tragedy as an excuse to go beyond the necessary and responsible precautions and instead imposed draconian regulations in an effort to stop offshore production altogether. Today’s action by Interior to revise the Obama rule will help ensure both environmental protection and economic vitality in the Outer Continental Shelf for years to come.

The green lobby is predictably trying to mislead the public about the efficacy of this rule. Written entirely by career officials in the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, this rule balances the need to implement important safeguards as well as streamline regulations to ensure maximum efficiency in an area of paramount importance for the U.S. economy. This rule provides regulatory certainty, incorporates necessary safety precautions, and will enable the U.S. to remain a world leader in energy development and innovation. Once again, we applaud President Trump for putting the energy needs of American families first and implementing a plan to ensure both environmental protection and energy dominance for years to come.”

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