Army Corps Puts Politics Ahead of American Security and Jobs for Indigenous Alaskans

If domestic sources of critical minerals are off the table, AEA questions how the enviros expect their green dreams to come true.

WASHINGTON DC (November 25, 2020) – The American Energy Alliance (AEA), the country’s premier pro-consumer, pro-taxpayer, and free-market energy organization, responded to the news that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied a critical permit, and the jobs that would come with it, for the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska.

Thomas Pyle, President of AEA, issued the following statement: 

“Alaska stands to become one of the largest producers of copper in the world, an element critical to the electrification of just about everything – a priority for the Green New Deal crowd – as well as an important building material for homes, offices, and factories. And yet, thanks to political pressure from a handful of elites on both the left and the right, that is off the table – at least for now. It’s reckless, and hands China a victory as they continue to amass the world’s minerals needed in order to power our future.” 

“How, after sixty-two years, this nation can finally achieve energy independence from the Middle East in one moment, and then secede reliance to China and other mineral-developing nations in the next, is difficult to swallow. Our economy and our security suffer from this short-sighted decision. Ironically, on the eve of a uniquely American holiday, other nations are giving thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers.”

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