Key Vote H.R. 21 and Amendments

The American Energy Alliance urges all members to support H.R. 21, The Strategic Production Response Act, which would require plans to increase leasing on federal lands in order to draw down the Strategic Petroleum Reserve during non-emergencies.

The SPR was meant to serve as an emergency reserve of oil in the event of major events like the Arab oil embargo or natural disasters. It was never meant for attempts to micromanage gas prices, and presidents of both parties have misused the SPR in this manner. The way to reduce gas prices in a sustainable way is by increasing domestic oil production, which not only provides additional supply to ease prices, it promotes American national security as well as increasing economic growth. This legislation recognizes that obvious fact and requires plans for sustainable long term production increases in exchange for allowing short term releases from the SPR.

While AEA objects to some of the amendments offered that would limit where production increases can occur, the ultimate goal of this legislation is correct. Reducing gas prices requires long term increases in production. By requiring that short term political uses of the SPR be matched by increased potential for longer term production increases, this legislation would ensure longer term stability in gas prices, as well as boosting domestic energy security and economic growth.

AEA will be scoring against amendments which seek to limit where production can be increased and other amendments which would harm domestic energy production or security.

The AEA urges all members to support free markets and affordable energy by voting YES on H.R.21.  AEA will include this vote and votes on select amendments in its American Energy Scorecard.

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