Biden to Motorists: My Way or the Highway

WASHINGTON DC (04/12/2023) – Earlier today, the Environmental Protection Agency released a set of proposed rules that would effectively regulate cars with internal combustible engines out of business. The rule is an attempt to accelerate the number of electric vehicle sales to 67 percent by 2032.

Today, less than six percent of cars are electric, despite years of generous tax credits and other favorable treatment at all levels of government. The federal government is also providing tens of billions of subsidies to battery producers and offering prime parking spaces to electric vehicles with charging stations at nearly every shopping center in America.

AEA President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement:

“By proposing these rules, the Biden administration is effectively banning the internal combustion engine. To say that such a policy threatens the freedoms of ordinary Americans who cannot afford electric vehicles greatly understates the danger of these proposed rules. Electric vehicles may have their place in the market, but their obvious limitations are the reason why their sales currently only make up only a small percentage of the market. Consumer choice is a bedrock American principle, and Americans will not take kindly to being strong-armed into buying vehicles that are incapable of meeting their needs.

The fact that unelected bureaucrats have the power to remake the entire automobile fleet without a single legislator weighing in is another example of how the administrative state is threatening the freedoms of the American people.

Before he makes any more moves to take away your car, perhaps President Biden should lead by example and give up his Corvette.”

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