Key Vote YES on H.R. 1023, H.R. 7023, H.Res. 987 and H.Con.Res. 86

The American Energy Alliance supports H.R. 1023 the Cutting Green Corruption and Taxes Act, H.R. 7023 the Creating Confidence in Clean Water Permitting Act, H. Res. 987 opposing the Biden Administration energy policies, and H. Con. Res. 86 a resolution opposing a carbon tax.

H.R. 1023 would repeal the so-called greenhouse gas reduction fund. This slush fund is a vehicle for handouts and payoffs to special interest groups that have the right politics. It is not an appropriate use of taxpayers dollars. The legislation would also repeal the natural gas tax which raises the cost of producing domestic natural gas. This tax comes out of the pocket of citizens in the form of higher prices for home heating and electricity, and these higher prices will continue to fuel inflation.

H.R. 7023 seeks to end the abuse of the Clean Water Act permitting process by codifying certain permitting standards. The CWA permitting process has become a main tool activists, anti-development groups and their political allies use to obstruct the construction of vital infrastructure. Codifying timelines and standards as this legislation does would limit this abuse and provide needed certainty for infrastructure development.

H. Res. 987 denounces the Biden administration’s anti-American energy policies. The administration has moved aggressively to suppress the production and sale of domestic energy resources. These actions fuel inflation by increasing energy prices, cost jobs in domestic energy production and harm our national security, making us reliant on foreign countries for vital energy resources.

H. Con. Res. 86 opposes a carbon tax. Carbon taxes are economically destructive, raising the price of energy which, in addition to the direct increase at the pump or on a home heating bill, raises the cost of virtually every good and service throughout the economy. At a time when inflation continues to be stubbornly high, adding a tax on basically all economic activity is an especially harmful idea.

YES votes on these four bills are votes in support of free markets and affordable energy.  AEA will include these votes in its American Energy Scorecard.

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