The Unregulated Podcast 183: A Bronx Tale (5/24/24)


#183: A Bronx Tale (5/24/24)


Haley Voting for Trump…analysis/index.html
Source: CNN

Greater Idaho…join-greater-idaho/
Source: NY Post

Harvard Corporation Rejects 13 Over Faculty Recommendation
Harvard Corporation Rejects FAS Effort to Let 13 Pro-Palestine Student Protesters Graduate | News | The Harvard Crimson (
Source: Harvard Crimson

Stop Copper Thieves, Improve Traffic Safety at the Same Time…ign-tec-1851491153
Source: Jalopnik

More than half of Americans think the U.S. is in a recession. It’s not.…economic-data-poll
Source: Axios

Red Lobster Bankrupt…-endless-shrimp.html
Source: Slate

Ford Backs Car Rule in Court…rules-2024-05-20/
Source: Reuters

VW Abandons Ship…ed-checkout=true
Source: Bloomberg

Embrace Chinese EVs (that only took a few days…)
On Tariffs and the EV Transition – Energy Institute Blog (
Source: Energy Institute

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