In the Pipeline: 10/15/12

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War on Affordable Energy Ad


Here is the deal.  It turns out you can’t get rid of an affordable, reliable energy source (like nuclear), and rely on an expensive, unreliable source (like solar and wind), without increase the cost to ratepayers (like me and you). Renewable Energy World (10/12/12) reports: “German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to cap taxpayer subsidies for renewable energy is aimed at limiting the political fallout among voters from a surge in electricity bills due next week.”


Remember this when some idiot economist starts blathering about taxing “bads”.  An energy tax is just that – a tax on energy; it will have zero effect on global warming. Daily Mail (10/13/12) reports: “The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week… The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.”


Here’s the problem.  Guys like Joe Manchin (who had nothing to do with killing cap and trade), Sherrod Brown, and Joe Donnelly talk a lot about how they favor coal.  But the reality is that they vote for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and they do (and have done) nothing to slow down the Administration’s ruthless march towards eliminating affordable, reliable energy.  They are all like Rick Boucher and will all wind up like Rick Boucher eventually. AP (10/12/12) reports: “Obama’s moves on clean air and fossil fuels have complicated the lives of Democrats in coal-rich states that count on mining for jobs and economic growth, with incumbents and candidates adopting drastically different strategies to ensure their own political survival.”


Maybe this explains why sales of electric cars are so terrible. WSJ (10/10/12) reports: “Electric vehicles can help reduce harmful greenhouse emissions, but a new study suggests that, without cleaner sources of electricity, the environmental benefits would be limited.”


Hang on, Donna, the Utica is coming on line. NYTimes (10/13/12) reports: “She tries to lower expenses. When her vexing electric bill shot up a while back, she sold off several appliances and bought a cheaper, more energy-efficient freezer. She spent Mother’s Day shopping for wholesale bargains on eggs and dish soap. She bounces from Rural King to Sam’s Club to Giant Eagle, looking for the cheapest coffee.”


Why we fight. National Journal (10/11/12) reports: “Seventeen-year-old Contessa Skelton learned that her mother had lost her job—for the second time in two years—as they stood in the parking lot outside her dentist’s office.”

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