In the Pipeline: 11/6/12

The battle has ended, but the war is far from over. AEA (11/5/12) reports: “The American Energy Alliance will conclude its three-month “American Products. American Power.” bus tour today by delivering 14,444 petitions to lawmakers and regulators in Washington. The 18,000 mile, 17 state bus tour connected with thousands of Americans at over 50 events. The message of these concerned citizens is clear: this country needs policies that treat our reliable and affordable energy resources as assets, not liabilities. In a letter sent to the leaders in Washington, AEA President Thomas Pyle had the following to say:”



Speaking of which, this family has something to say about the war on coal:



Seriously?  Ray LaHood was a lousy Congressman and has been worse as Secretary of DOT.  Here’s another news flash:  he is not really that “well-liked”. E&ENews (11/5/12) reports: “I’m afraid if Romney wins, he’ll stop all of that new stuff that’s been under way and switch it all back, and we’ll be right back putting all the money into more roads and drilling oil everywhere, and not at all planning for the big changes that we have to do. And it will actually set the nation back quite a bit,” said Andy Kunz, president of the U.S. High Speed Rail Association.”


Interesting. John Hanger (10/11/12) reports: “Natural Gas Generation Projected By EIA To Decline 10% But Coal To Rise 7% In 2013… With gas prices rising, 2013 will see rising coal generation and coal recapturing some of its lost market share. 2013 will also end a run of annually increasing gas-fired electricity generation and will be the first year since 2008 that America will get less of its electricity from natural gas than in the year before.”


Well now, I wonder how this is all going to turn out. Daily Caller (11/3/12) reports: “I’ve previously noted that conservatives worry Romney transition chief Mike Leavitt will pack a future Romney administration with moderates and personal loyalists — and Connaughton is a prime example of the kind of appointment conservatives would attempt to derail.  Of course, blocking Romney (and Leavitt’s) more moderate picks won’t prove easy. At the upper echelons of the Republican world lies an incestuous network. Consider this: Romney consultant Ron Kaufman is married to the sister of former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card. Card was replaced as Chief of Staff by Josh Bolton — whose sister married … James Connaughton.”

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