In the Pipeline: 3/12/13

Thanks for the hat tip to reality, EPA. Can we get back to work now?AFPM (3/11/13) reports: “American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) President Charles T. Drevna issued the following statement following the withdrawal of its Petition for Waiver of the 2012 Cellulosic Biofuel Volumetric Requirements: ‘We appreciate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) prompt action to rescind the 2012 cellulosic renewable volume obligation (RVO) following a U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision to vacate the 2012 cellulosic RVO. As a result of EPA’s response, AFPM has withdrawn its waiver petition, since our members are no longer required to purchase credits for fuel that doesn’t exist.  We believe that EPA should reconsider proposed 2013 volumes, which suffer from the same shortcomings, and finalize a 2013 cellulosic biofuel RVO that reflects the Court’s directive to aim for accuracy.’”


How does Venice Beach look today? Bloomberg (3/10/13) reports: “The only thing California’s environmentally friendly Democratic legislators prefer to regulating private industry is spending public dollars. So it’s fascinating to watch them struggle with an unfolding dilemma… The state can tap into a gusher of new revenue only if legislators resist the muscular green lobby and allow oil companies to take advantage of vast petroleum reserves in the Monterey Shale geologic formation that runs south and east from San Francisco.”

Trust us, we are from the government and we are here to help you.E&ENews (3/11/13) reports: “A major natural gas producer is leaving a voluntary emissions-reduction program run by U.S. EPA amid an ongoing dispute over how the agency used data collected through the program to justify regulations for the sector, according to a letter obtained by Greenwire… The split comes amid ongoing concern from industry that EPA is exceeding its legal authority in an effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions and could lead to tough questions in the coming weeks as EPA’s air chief faces Senate confirmation hearings over her nomination to lead the agency.”


We know for sure that some electrons in DC are generated by massive egos. Otherwise, the government is kidding itself if it thinks all of its energy will be coming from wind. DCIST (3/6/13) reports: “The D.C. government’s agencies will be getting all of their electricity through wind power for at least a year, according to a news release from Washington Gas Energy Services. Under the terms of a new contract, the District will purchase all of its power needs from a Washington Gas-owned wind farm in Northern Virginia.”


Guess who?

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